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Resolving ADA Workplace Questions (39th Edition)

The 39th Edition will be available for shipping in mid-September.

How Courts and Agencies are Dealing with Employment Issues

This is the most comprehensive publication addressing compliance with the employment provisions of the ADA, essential for employment counsel, human resource professionals, and government enforcement officials who deal with ADA issues that arise every day in the workplace. Now, David K. Fram, Director, ADA & EEO Services for the National Employment Law Institute, and former ADA Policy Attorney in the Office of Legal Counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington, D.C., has added hundreds of recent cases and policy citations, and updated the extremely useful "checklists" for dealing with ADA cases.

The 39th Edition contains the most recent Court of Appeals cases on interpretations of "disability" after the ADAAA, important new cases and EEOC decisions on whether an individual is "qualified" (including whether attendance, getting along with co-workers, handling stress, punctuality, shift work, and compliance with conduct rules are "essential"), and "reasonable accommodation" issues (including triggers to the interactive process and whether modifications such as leave, modified schedules, job restructuring, transitional duty, an irritant-free environment, parking, work-at-home, and reassignment are required accommodations).

New editions are published every April and September. The 39th Edition is current through September 2015.

Chapter Headings:

  • "Disability" Issues
  • "Qualified" Issues
  • "Reasonable Accommodation" Issues
  • "Direct Threat" Issues
  • Drug, Alcohol, and Other Conduct Rules
  • Disability-Related Questions & Medical Exams
  • Checklists for Handling ADA Issues

Please Note: Prior purchasers of "Resolving ADA Workplace Questions" will want to supplement their edition with the replacement chapters. Call or e-mail us for further information regarding special pricing.

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