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Affirmative Action Briefing

Austin, TX   Four Seasons Hotel   October 6 - 7, 2016
Chicago, IL   The Ritz-Carlton   October 20 - 21, 2016
San Francisco, CA   Westin St. Francis   October 13 - 14, 2016
Washington, DC   W Washington DC   October 27 - 28, 2016


Washington DC - Our 2016 programs will now be located at the W Hotel, conveniently located next door to the White-House.

The brochure that is now available is from the 2015 program and is representative of the type of agenda that will be covered in 2016. The 2016 brochure will be available mid-July.

Dissecting the Complex Issues Federal Contractors Must Deal with on a Day-to-Day Basis to Ensure Compliance with OFCCP Policies, Procedures and Regulatory Requirements.

Now, more than ever before, careful attention to the format and reporting of AAPs is critical to successful audits. Without question, things have continued to change at OFCCP and we will ensure that we bring you up-to-date with every new development affecting Federal contractors and the refocused priorities OFCCP is implementing.

This year's program is chaired by John Fox. OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu will be participating in the Chicago location on Friday at 10:30 a.m. (not on Thursday as indicated in the brochure). She will address OFCCP's agenda for the last full year of the Obama Administration, and discuss sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination requirements.

The two-day "Advanced Level" Briefing offers "practical" guidance focusing on what Federal contractors must do to be compliant with the wealth of new OFCCP requirements. We will discuss how to respond to new-style OFCCP audit strategies, including special focus on preparing for and defending against OFCCP's deepening and ever-changing compensation investigations. In all sessions, we will first identify the technical OFCCP compliance requirement, and then devote most of our time to the review of practical compliance options, including any useful checklists and/or model forms.

Breaking Developments!

  • President Obama's controversial Executive Order requiring up to 7 days of (accrued but unvested, other than as to re-hires) paid sick (and family) leave applicable to covered Federal contractors and subcontractors;
  • The NLRB’s recent Browning-Ferris Industries (of California) decision re-stating and re-setting the law of joint employment under the Common Law, which will immediately affect OFCCP’s enforcement of contractor relationships with staffing agencies;
  • The OFCCP's imminent Final Rule on “pay transparency” soon bringing traditional labor law concepts to federal contractor supervisorial employees; and
  • OFCCP’s new 67 question compensation interview questionnaire now in use in three Regions and soon to be deployed nationwide and OFCCP’s 35 paragraph compensation document request.

    Published Agenda Topics covered in detail include:

    Recent Significant Developments at OFCCP

  • Recap of significant OFCCP events of the past year
  • OFCCP's regulatory agenda: Where are we and where is OFCCP going in the last 18 months of the Obama Administration?
  • Why OFCCP is finding contractors out of compliance if they "post" available job openings but fail to "list" them
  • The coming employment law compliance history certification requirements: Special twists as applied to OFCCP programs
  • OFCCP's and many HR vendors' and law firms' continuing confusion of "disparate treatment class-type," "disparity analyses" with "adverse impact analyses" and what to do about it

    What Contractors Still Do Not Understand About OFCCP's New Section 503/4212 Regulations

    Who is an "Applicant" Marathon: Part I and II

    Changes to Human Resources Practices/Benefit Plans Federal Contractors Must Make to Comply with OFCCP's New LGBT Final Rule

    The Latest on OFCCP's Focus on Federal Contractor Compensation Policies and Practices

    Use of the Common Law Test to Define "Who is an Employee?"

    Dealing with Tough Issues in 2015 OFCCP Audits

    All in all, the 2015 Affirmative Action programs are the best available, and are programs not to be missed. For those who want exposure to affirmative action principles, require a refresher following reassignment, or who have less than 10 years experience preparing AAPs and/or defending OFCCP audits, a full day Workshop covering an analyses of the Executive Order Program requiring affirmative action plans, essential components of an AA program, and a summary of the audit process will be held prior to the Briefing in each location. Please click on Affirmative Action Workshop.)

    Early Registration Fee: $895.00 (available until approximately 3 weeks prior to the seminar date, please consult brochure for exact date)

    Registration Fee: $945.00

    The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HRCI of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met HRCI's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.