Affirmative Action Resource Manual

The 2018 Affirmative Action Resource Manual supports the agenda of NELI's one-day Affirmative Action Workshop, held in October 2018.

This Manual is prepared especially for federal contractors and subcontractors, as well as those employers which are not contractors but which wish to develop voluntary Affirmative Action Plans using federal contractor requirements under Executive Order 11246 as a model. Experienced Affirmative Action Program writers, planners and managers will also find this Manual useful to update or upgrade existing Affirmative Action Programs and to identify new approaches to affirmative action planning. The chapter containing a Model Affirmative Action Program has been revised and updated to provide a boiler-plate AAP which conforms with all current requirements from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

We wish to thank John C. Fox, Esq. with Fox, Wang & Morgan, P.C., editor of this Manual, for his diligent work. Reproduction of materials contained in this Manual, in whole or in part, is permitted with prior authorization of the copyright holder. NELI's companion Affirmative Action Workbook will also be helpful to those interested in expanding their background in Affirmative Action and related topics.

The content of this manual supports the agenda of the Affirmative Action Workshop, and includes:

  • Affirmative Action Plans for Minorities and Women: A Step-by-Step Guide -- The highlight of this Manual is this step-by-step guide to writing an AAP under Executive Order 11246 according to OFCCP's regulatory requirements, divided into three parts -- the narrative, a "model" AAP, and "model" AAP forms to assist with data collection, analysis and display.
  • Miscellaneous Documents re: Affirmative Action Compliance -- Beyond the AAP -- Other actions contractors must undertake, should availability analyses be "time weighted," parent corporation responsibility for subsidiaries, single-entity analysis, Medicare is a "grant" and does not subject a hospital to the jurisdiction of OFCCP, and flood insurance is a "grant."
  • Instructive Power Points for this Manual -- Background to the AAP (OFCCP's sources of authority, coverage, AAP architecture and design issues, what is an establishment, parent/subsidiary authority); Affirmative Action Program Workbook (narrative, organizational profile, job groups, availability, utilization, goals and good faith efforts).

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