Americans With Disabilities Act Workshop

Chicago, IL   The Gwen   September 1, 2016
Los Angeles, CA   Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel   September 12, 2016
Seattle, WA   Motif Seattle   September 19, 2016
New York, NY   The Cornell Club   September 23, 2016
Washington, DC   The Mayflower Hotel   September 26, 2016
Houston, TX   Houston Marriott West Loop   September 30, 2016

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The brochure that is now available is from the 2016 program and is representative of the type of agenda that will be covered in 2017. The 2017 brochure will be available in June 2017.

In this one-day limited enrollment interactive Workshop, ADA expert David Fram will focus on critical ADA workplace developments, including significant court cases, new and noteworthy EEOC policies, and the latest practical questions from HR and EEO professionals, medical professionals, and lawyers.

Topics covered include who is a "qualified" individual with a "disability," conduct rules, "reasonable accommodation" requirements, and developments concerning medical examinations of applicants and incumbents, with an opening session highlighting the most common questions from ADA practitioners and "checklists" for analyzing and documenting ADA/Rehabilitation Act issues.

The past year was filled with dramatic ADA developments. At this year’s Workshop, we will be discussing hundreds of practical workplace issues, such as:

  • The importance of EEOC's new resource document on "Leave and the ADA," including what the agency now says about intermittent leave, indefinite leave, and one-year return-to-work policies;
  • How supervisors and managers should be trained to avoid “regarding” an employee as disabled under the ADAAA;
  • How employers should handle an employee request for an irritant-free (including perfume free) or stress-free environment;
  • Whether getting along with co-workers is an essential function of jobs;
  • How employers should deal with situations involving conflicting doctors’ notes;
  • How to deal with employees who have unreliable or unpredictable attendance, or who continually request extensions of leave;
  • Practical issues concerning employees covered under both the ADA and the FMLA;
  • Whether employers can safely give “accommodations” to employees who don’t technically have disabilities or whether this sets up a “regarded as” case;
  • Whether employers really must give accommodations such as non-competitive reassignment or work-at-home;
  • Whether conduct rules can be enforced if the employee allegedly broke the rule because of a disability; and
  • How supervisors and managers should be trained concerning discussions with employees about medical information, and about maintaining the confidentiality of medical information.

    Participants will receive the 41st Edition of "Resolving ADA Workplace Questions," an unparalleled research and reference workbook. This Workshop will provide between 5.5 - 6.6 CLE / PDC / CEU credit hours, depending upon the jurisdiction.

    Early Registration Fee: $545.00 (Available until approximately 3 weeks prior to the seminar date; please consult brochure for exact date.)

    Registration Fee: $595.00

  • HR Certification Institute SHRM Recertification Provider
     register online download brochure program materials